About Web Work Life

About Web Work Life

Since 1998, in one form or another, the staff at Web Work Life has been developing and designing websites. Times have changed since those early days and the focus is now on the website user and achieving your business goals. Combining sound marketing practices with the latest internet technologies, Web Work Life develops websites that meet usability standards while producing real world results.

Website Usability


Website usability is about designing your website in such a way that website users can find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. Users have gradually become accustomed to particular layouts and phrases on the Internet. Web pages need to download quickly, information needs to be easy to retrieve, and restrictions must not be placed on users.

Search Engine Optimization


Our basic project methodology is characterized by stakeholder participation, integrated quality management, and a constant focus on business results. Delivering the right website solution requires a constant research and testing of the formulation between reliable, time-tested business practices, consumer usability and the latest technologies.

Website Design


We never forget that the value of technology comes with the optimal use of that technology. Removing obstacles for adoption by a targeted set of users – whether they are employees, suppliers, or customers – is critical in realizing a measurable return on investment. At the heart of a successful website is a great design where technology enhances the user experience.



From the outset, we work with our clients to articulate the business objectives for their website and to establish specific, measurable success criteria. Your formula may include increasing sales, reducing customer service calls, or decreasing printing and mailing costs. These objectives need to be outlined and measured to determine the return on investment from your website.